Items covered in a standard Major Service by MCTUK.

Items to Change;
Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil.

Items to Check (Change if Required);
Battery, Electrics, Bulbs, Switches, Hoses, Headlight Aim, Clutch, Brake System, Centrestand, Sidestand and Switch, Suspension, Steering head bearings, Condition of the Tyres and Wheels, Brake Fluid, Brake Pads.

Items to Check and Adjust / Lube / Clean;
Throttle and Choke Cables, Idle Speed, Drive Chain & Sliders, Brake Calipers

(valve clearances are not covered in a Major Service and will be priced seperatly)

Please Call 01708 386931 for a taylor made Service quote for your motorcycle.
(When calling please have to hand the Registration, Make, Model, C.C., Year, Mileage and the details of the last Service to allow us to best assist you)


At MCTUK we have used DP Brake Pads for over 20 years fitting them to everything from Harley Davidsons to Competition Race Bikes, Moto-Cross to Scooters and every road bike out there. We keep hundreds of different fitments on the shelf at any one time, to view the product just click the links below or view the DP Fitment Guide HERE

The DP Brake Range & Information;
RDP X-Race Titanium    Info HERE
SDP SPORT HH+            Info HERE
DP STANDARD               Info HERE
SDP Pro-MX                    Info HERE
DP for Harleys               Info HERE

A standard road motorcycle even with the odd track day in mind would generally fit;
Front – SDP SPORT HH+ Prices range from £27.50 to £50.00 per caliper (Model Specific)
Rear  –  DP STANDARD   Prices for all are £22.50